Bandsharing and Technology

In this context ‘bandsharing’ is the term used to describe co-channel operation of one or more radio systems with the incumbent radio system. Sharing could take place in many bands however, in the first instance, we are looking at sharing opportunities in radar bands.

Bandsharing systems will be the subject of a safety case assessment measured against predefined ‘protection criteria’. Oversight of the bandsharing tests and development of protection criteria is the responsibility of the Public Spectrum Safety Test Group (PSSTG) comprising MOD, CAA MCA and Ofcom. Previous PSSTG sponsored test reports can be found below.

PSSTG test reports

The legacy reports can be found at eg.

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Organisations with an interest in bandsharing have established an industry forum; the Bandsharing Forum is a private organisation that is not affiliated with government. The Bandsharing Forum's website is